A high definition digital production company 

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One part captivating images.
One part compelling words.
A dash of dynamic creativity.
Mix with expert care and enthusiasm -
Serve with confidence and satisfaction.

Storytelling has a deceptively simple recipe, but it’s not always easy to carry out. That’s where expertise comes into play. The mission of Elk Run Video Productions is to help develop your ideas and mold them into a successful and effective video production. Great storytelling is the catalyst that transforms the basic ingredients into a powerful message.

Video is seemingly everywhere these days and it’s become a vital part of our information flow. At the same time the process of video production has become a somewhat complex set of formats, codecs and workflows. It takes knowledge, know-how and a dash of finesse to nimbly sort through the techie details and focus on your project, your story, your message.

Over fifteen years ago I formed Elk Run Video Productions. I’ve spent a lot of my time in the trenches developing my skills as a DP, while also taking on the roles of producer, writer and editor. These efforts have helped transform Elk Run Video Productions into a video production leader in Denver, in Colorado, and beyond.

Elk Run Productions, based in the Denver metro area, is grounded in the present and building bridges to the future. The business model is based on team building. It might be as easy as hiring an audio engineer and heading out to take care of your field production needs, or putting together a larger team to craft the story of your company, business, product line or non-profit venture. Consulting, development and production are all on the menu.

Elk Run Video Productions is a full service high definition video and media production company serving local and national clients in the broadcast, cable, corporate and small business communities. We excel at putting together the right team for your project.

We offer script to screen, field production, consulting and development services. The evolution of digital video has been rapid and powerful, so allow us to help you find the most productive path to fulfilling your video production needs.

Featured Video

Well, so much for planning. After spending several days shooting elements for a re-creation of the final days of a notorious bank robbing and homicidal duo, the weather changed. And it changed to perfection. The onset of a winter storm provided the identical conditions of the day the deadly duo met their fate. So we traveled the roads between Craig, CO. and Eads, Wyoming shooting in a heavy storm. The monochromatic look and the veil of white created a tremendous look for the story. The story aired as part of a Dateline hour on NBC. The sequences were shot with a Panasonic HDX-900, and a Sony HVR-V1U and GoPro cameras were used to capture the car movement footage.